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Wool and Iron   -   Brian Croasdell


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Wool and Iron
by Brian Croasdell
UK  price: £21.99    US  price: $25.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 478
ISBN: 0-595-31059-1
Published: Feb-2004

This enthralling historical novel re-enacts the invasion of Britain by Rome. Political murder, intrigue, mutiny and invasion, underpinned by business deals on an imperial scale, are set against the struggle for freedom of an artistic and warlike people.


Book Description

The newly elected Emperor needed a successful military operation to survive. Britain was the chosen target. When all was ready, the famed Roman army faltered and refused to embark. The official reason was that the tough, professional citizen-soldiers feared to cross the Ocean even though armies under Julius Caesar had twice done so before. This book offers a different reason.

The failure of male-dominated Roman planning to take into account the family concerns of ordinary soldiers almost broke the back of the Imperial project. Despite rigorous army discipline, long-service legionaries refused to leave their unofficial families alone on the Continent when they left for Britain for ever.

The reader will be held spellbound by this re-enactment of Roman history, seeing how Aurelius Victorinus of the Urban Cohorts, the embryonic police service of the City, became one of the instruments of the survival of the Emperor and the launching of the Invasion across the Ocean.

About the author

Born in England, Brian Croasdell built a career as a policeman and a security specialist in southern Africa. He now lives with his wife in Hertfordshire. He has also written Empire Incorporated and High Cross in the same series.

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