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The Whitestone Stories    John R. Barrett


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Seven Tales from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age
for the Children (and Grown-ups) of All Ages

The Whitestone Stories
by John R. Barrett

UK price: £5.63   US price: $10.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 116
ISBN: 0-595-42435-X
Published: Mar-2007

Other Formats: Hard Cover

The Whitestone Stories are the lost myths and memories of Britain’s prehistoric peoples.

Book Description

The Whitestone wraps herself in silence.
She watches while the slow centuries slide by.

The Whitestone remembers all the peoples
of the long long long-ago times.

She remembers the gentle hunters of the wildwood
during Nature’s golden age.

She remembers how the first farmers came to fell the forests
and sow their fields with golden corn

She remembers the neglected gods and nameless kings
of the age of gold.

In seven magical stories that bring the distant past to life,
The Whitestone remembers.

About the author & Illustrator

John Barrett is a professional archivist. He has published popular and academic books and articles on genealogy, paleography, Scottish history and prehistory. He now lives picturesquely among the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland where he cycles, walks, climbs, cultivates his garden - and creates historical fiction for young people.


Christine Clerk, the illustrator, has degrees in maths and physics, and a particular interest in electro-magnetism. Her artwork has appeared in numerous historical books including John Barrett’s (pre)historical children’s novel The Salt Trader’s Boy. The Whitestone illustrations reflect a lifelong fascination with archaeo-astronomy and European prehistory.

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