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Rogue Trader  -    Memoirs of a Space Cowboy  -   Steve White


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Rogue Trader
Memoirs of a Space Cowboy

by Steve White
UK price: £7.99     US price: $11.45
Publisher: DIADEM BOOKS,
an imprint of SPIDERWIZE
Format: Paperback
Size :
20.3 x 12.7 x 1.4 cm
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1907294044
Published: Sept-2009



Dave Mackenzie, the man, the legend—superstar space pilot, supplier of weapons, lover of women, connoisseur of fine ales and transporter of toilet rolls throughout the known galaxy. See him on u-tube: Rogue Trader, Memoirs of a Space Cowboy

Book Description

Following a less than electrifying Naval career and after being required to resign from the latest in a string of jobs, Dave awoke on his thirtieth birthday on a distant tropical beach, suffering from a hangover with a strange black substance soaking into the crotch of his shorts. Things would have to change, starting with the shorts.

The unforeseen “re-direction” in his career threw Dave headfirst into the roller coasting, cut-throat, money driven world of the freelancer, where the next five years saw him transport everything from sex toys to sniper rifles through solar flares, thunderstorms, searing heat and blinding cold to every destination under the stars.

Sometimes funny, sporadically strange, often dangerous, the world of the freelancer is a world of money and booze, women, weapons and jet fuel, a world where anything goes, where cash is king and where just about everything has a price. Close shaves, tight scrapes and narrow escapes abound within the brutally honest memoirs of this modern, space age entrepreneur. Furry dice sold separately.

About the author
Steve White is an ex-diver and first time novelist. He is now threatening to continue his new found hobby against all rationale reasoning with grim determination, cigarette in mouth and quill in hand. A Mancunian by birth, adopted Scotsman by choice and pretend cockney by chance, Steve moved from Edinburgh to London in 2007 and began writing the collection of random imaginings and expletives which became Rogue Trader: Memoirs of a Space Cowboy.

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