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Whispering Grass  -  Mary Rose Hall


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Whispering Grass
by Mary Rose Hall 

UK price: £8.66   US price: $16.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 246
ISBN: 0-595-42030-3
Published: Dec-2006


Whispering Grass, like Selengai before it, evokes that delightful time of colonial stability when farmers and British settlers planned and schemed in what is now a lost world - a world that was eventually swept away by the winds of change that culminated in Uhuru.

Book Description

Blissfully unaware of what the politicians called "the winds of change" in Africa, many of the delightful characters whom we first came to know in Selengai reappear here, living in that safe pocket of time before the simmering resentment of some of the indigenous Kenyan population escalated into the fanatical hatred that eventually resulted in full-scale terrorist groups, known collectively as the Mau Mau, who demanded independence from British rule.

Whispering Grass will take you across the vast, sunburnt plains once more and lead you back to Selengai, Bahati and Saba Saba, the lives of their owners and those of their children. As the gentle breezes ripple the grasses so will it take you on safari into another more tranquil era where only the African wild could disturb the even tenor of their lives.

About the author

Born in Crowborough, Sussex, Mary Rose Hall (pen name) lived for over 40 years in Kenya with her parents, both of whom farmed in the Highlands, while her mother also ran a successful business in Nairobi. Marrying in 1956, her two children were subsequently born there. After Uhuru she moved down to South Africa with her family before returning to the UK where she and her husband started a Banking College in the City.

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