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Life's not all Wine & Roses  -  Bruce Watson


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Life’s not all Wine and Roses!         
A collection of tales from Southern France
by Bruce Watson
US price: $9.95    UK price: £8.99
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 100
ISBN: 0-595-27703-9
Published: Apr-2003

A Year in Provence was an excellent read, but here are slices of life from a market-town in Southern France, seen from the inside.

This collection of snappy, humorous, earthy stories all have a sting in the tail. They portray aspects of life in France unsuspected by most casual visitors. Food and sex are rarely talked of with such delicate earthiness. Medicine, herbal remedies, crime, social niceties, witchcraft and religion are the reflecting mirrors that illuminate Fanny, Louis, Francine and Justin: the larger-than-life characters who invite you to share their France with you.

Bruce Watson casts an amused eye on customs and the way of life in the South of France, where he has taught English and interpreted for industry and the police for 25 years.  Living with his French wife in Mazamet, where he first worked in the wool industry during the ’68 revolution, he has an intimate knowledge of the people and ‘la France profonde’.

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