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Of Laundries and Rabbits  -  John & Ellen Waddell


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Growing Up in England and Scotland

Of Laundries and Rabbits:
Growing Up in England and Scotland
by John Waddell & Ellen Waddell

UK price: £7.00     US price: $12.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 112
ISBN: 0-595-52039-1
Published: Jun-2008

The captivating story of two people who grew up in two very different environments—one in the harsh economical conditions of urban London, the other in the picaresque countryside of rural Scotland.


This autobiography in two parts by husband and wife presents a remarkable insight into life in Britain during the last century, especially the thirties and early war years, and is a valuable and readable source of information for generations to follow! Ellen’s account of growing up amidst the hardships of life in a home wedged between a mainline railway and a canal in Kensal Town where money was earned taking in laundry is really quite dramatic and riveting. The poignant details regarding the funeral of a young girl are very moving. On the other hand we have John Waddell’s delectable dry humour as he looks back on the pros and cons of growing up in the Scottish countryside around Auchterarder, complete with vivid glimpses of country lore from rabbits, mushrooms and makeshift golf courses!

About the authors

The authors were separated temporarily when John Waddell was posted elsewhere, but in 1943 he was back in London. They were married without great ceremony at Paddington registrar’s office. It was a marriage that lasted fifty-three years, and brought great happiness. Members of the Caledonian Society to which John Waddell belongs know him to be a very keen gardener, with a garden the envy of all. He is also a very accomplished poet.

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UK price: £8.85     US price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 166
ISBN: 0-595-33011-8
Published: Sep-2004

This is the third book of poems by John Waddell, following the publication of his first very successful collection, The Flying Snail and his second book, A Glimpse of Eden. This time all the poems are written in the beautiful, rich, and descriptive Scots language familiar to all brought up north of the border.

New book coming soon 'One Hundred Poems'.

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Format: Paperback
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ISBN: 0-595-36244-3
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This is a really a remarkable book about World War 2. So many battlegrounds—first in the Shetlands (a preparation rather than a battle), then the desert in North Africa, then D-Day itself into France, and finally Norway! As a first-hand account by someone directly involved in these battles, especially the D-day invasion, this work is a very valuable record of history.