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Unsophisticated Verses and Lyrics  -  Filton Hebbard


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US price: $19.95      UK price: $16.99
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 366
ISBN: 0-595-25627-9
Publication Date: Nov-2002

Other Formats: Hard Cover

The verses and lyrics in this collection, by an Australian author and poet, are refreshing, being sincere and direct expressions of feeling and meaning in an age where poems and songs so often fail to communicate by being pretentious and self-conscious.

The author has always thought that poems should be written in a manner that is readable and understood at all levels of education. Furthermore, he believes they should contain a message that induces the reader to think on aspects of life outside his/her own sphere of activity, as well as gaining some pleasure when so doing. For poetry (as is the case in the majority of modern poetry) to consist of a conglomeration of words that do not correlate makes the author think that the poet is sometimes misguidedly interested in proving that the poet should be regarded as some special brand of intelligentsia. For him that is talent wasted. The poems presented in this volume are eminently readable and express meaning and feeling directly and honestly. As for Lyrics—here, again the author objects to the modern songs that are usually a tales-of-woe screeched out in a manner that makes the wording completely indiscernible. No longer do we hear boys whistling tunes as they ride their pushbikes. The author points out that we are passing through a sad era and enjoys the thought that with these pieces of verse—poems and lyrics—he might, in some small way, hasten its departure.

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