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Two Rabbits Reliant on Three Wheels  Michael Page  


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Two Rabbits Reliant on Three Wheels
by Michael Page                                   
US price: $10.95       UK price £7.65
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 136
ISBN: 0-595-20295-0
Publication Date: Oct-2001

This entertaining book presents laughable yet poignant situations in the life of a male nurse travelling through Britain, Ireland and the Continent in a three-wheeler in the company of two rabbits.

"I'll take it!" cried Michael as he opened the letter that had just dropped through the letterbox of his Edinburgh home, offering him a job in the South of Ireland. But the five-hundred-mile move soon runs into problems. He's prohibited from taking Flossy and Sugar, his long-eared companions of five years, on an aeroplane. More unfortunately still, he's banned from driving on motorways in his little three-wheeled car. Michael and rabbits are therefore forced to take a long and arduous but entertaining and enchanting journey across Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland by country back roads. Expecting their journey to end in Ireland, Michael subsequently finds that travels with three-wheeler and rabbits are to take him further still. Based on a true story, the author recounts the journey in a way that will enlighten and entertain readers of all ages across the English-speaking World. This is a "must read," in particular for anyone planning a journey across the countries that comprise the British Isles… and, maybe, beyond.

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A Nurse, Two Rabbits and a World Tour   
by Michael Page
A Nurse, Two Rabbits and a World Tour is a humorous and beguiling account of the trials, tribulations and laughable situations in the life of a male nurse in Edinburgh.
Maybe your interests lie in health, animals, travel or socio-political issues, or maybe you just want a laugh. Whichever way, despite its more earnest messages in places, this light-hearted look at contemporary British health and social issues through the eyes of a male nurse will have you in stitches. 

On-line US price:  $11.95       UK price £10.27

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