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Instruments of Control  -   Alison Turnbull


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Instruments of Control
by Alison Turnbull
UK price: £11.99   
US price: $13.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 184
ISBN: 0-595-29167-8
Published: Aug-2003


He was a powerful magician, who had taken her with him across a dark landscape, peopled with trapped souls. And in the end, he had not allowed her to refuse him anything, even the most intimate invasion of all...

Book Description

It was unreal. It was seismic. Off the Richter Scale. It was Pandora's Box. And like Pandora, she could only deal in hope.

She had landed on the square marked 'GO'. The mind game was running smoothly now. Visualization strong. Objective Clear. Like a Commando on a hostile mission, she was about to penetrate deep within enemy potential territory, like the labyrinth from ancient Greek mythology. And at its centre, lay the Minotaur of potential discovery.

The lethal dose sped towards the heart. Seconds later, the Unit lights came on again and the monitor alarm began to sound. The trace showed a flat line. It was complete cardiac standstill.

About the author:

Born near London, Alison Tumbull initially worked in the exclusive world of Bond Street banking, then the BBC World Service, and a University Publishing House, before entering the nursing profession. Her career took her first into the Merchant Navy, where she travelled widely, prior to undertaking the challenging demands of Intensive Care, where she became a Clinical Teacher and Lecturer. She took her specialised skills to the USA, and latterly to the Middle East, where she dealt with the reality of caring for mass war wounded evacuated from the Yemen Conflict. Published in the past, in both a professional and commercial journal context, she now devotes herself to full-time writing. This is her first novel.

A chance meeting with a charismatic man from her past, that she had never forgotten, leads Alexis Helgen to embark on an extraordinary enterprise with him. The risks are enormous. Discovery would mean disaster. But at the heart of every mission undertaken, was someone imprisoned, longing to be rescued. Waiting for her. And the final freedom, she offered to them. The ultimate choice. What she was doing was wrong. For every conceivable reason. Moral, ethical, legal, even religious. Except that it was right for the human beings, who entreated her help. She had a contract of trust with them. In the end, that was the only thing that counted. But the Police, alerted by physicians grown suspicious of cardiac arrests, and the discovered hint of Organised Crime behind the incidents, are coming closer to the elusive answer they seek...

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