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The Ten Percent Man   -  Moss Tosney


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The Ten Percent Man         
A Novel
by Moss Tosney   

£26.49in UK          $30.95in US
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 648
ISBN: 0-595-25794-1
Publication Date: Dec-2002

The novel presents a horrific futuristic scenario where a young doctor pits himself against a new Goliath, a gigantic and ruthless pseudo-medical corporation that buys and sells human organs for profit. Is the novel a warning—or a prediction?

In 1911, people were fascinated to learn that in searching for a new source of energy for the good of humankind, scientist, Ernest Rutherford conducted an experiment in what newspapers of his day called: "splitting the atom”. People rejoiced when on the 20th July 1969, Neil A. Armstrong (astronaut) became the first man to set foot on the moon. And when Dr Christian Barnard performed the first human heart transplant operation, in Cape town, South Africa, in December 1967, the world crossed a threshold, and won a major battle against our old adversary – death! But are new discoveries really in our interests?

The findings of Rutherford’s experiment was later used by the military to exact a terrible price from civilian men, women and little children; the ‘giant step for man kind’, from the earth to the moon has enabled a super-power to dominate the world, by positioning spy satellites and weapons over our heads. People, in some countries, down on their luck, sell pints of blood for drink and drugs. How long before Christian Barnard’s path-finding work is used, commercially, to obtain human kidneys, lungs, eyes and even hearts, for sale to the highest bidder? Or has it already begun?          

*  *  *

It is the year 2032, and a young English Renal Surgeon; Dr John Mercer has his life changed in ways that he could never have imagined when he unwittingly accepts a job with an American company. He quickly suspects that he is working for a firm of murdering body snatchers, and his suspicions are confirmed when he is introduced to an organisation, working to bring about the downfall of the company, Transplant Inc’, which deals in the buying and selling of human organs for profit, and who will stop at nothing to harvest their product. Within the organisation, John strikes up a friendship with an Ophthalmic Surgeon, and the two men set out to destroy the company. Their adventures take them first to Brazil where, with two other company employees, they join forces with the Amazonian natives and fight a bloody jungle battle against the company’s hired killers. But circumstances work against them, and on their return to the USA Dr Mercer is compelled to undertake a dangerous mission, alone. With no military training or experience, he is forced to learn how to skydive onto a skyscraper in the dead of night. Once there, he must retrieve an all-telling computer disc, and then make his escape. His task is made worse by high-winds; zealous company death squads; building security guards and a corrupt police force, all of which are out to kill him. And all the time the woman in his life is home in England convinced that she is about to embark on a wonderful new life, totally oblivious of the terrible dangers John is facing.

About the Author

Born in Liverpool, Lancashire, now Merseyside, in 1947, Moss Tosney worked at a number of jobs before gaining his degree in the Social Sciences and embarking on a career in the Criminal Justice System. He worked as a Probation Officer for several years in Liverpool. Although obliged to retire due to ill heath, he was afforded the time to pursue his ambition to write. The children have since left home, but he still lives on Merseyside with his wife Dee, and their Yorkshire terrier ‘Katie’.

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