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Dear Charles,—I  don’t know what to write to you to say thanks for making me an international author! No one else but you thought my work was worth becoming a published novel. Although many people tell me I am a good creative writer for having created such a ground-breaking book set in the Congo, written from an African perspective, what they may not know is that Full Circle would have remained a dream without your brain and fingers! I can personally recommend your service to anyone who believes that he or she has a book in him or her!—Frederick Yamusangie, the author of Full Circle. Grays   4 Sept 2003.

I have no hesitation in recommending Diadem Books to anyone considering self-publishing. After almost a year of rejection letters from conventional publishers I was on the verge of giving up on my dream of being a published writer. Then I discovered Diadem Books and my faith was restored. From his first letter, Charles was enthusiastic and helpful. The fact that he knew what I had been through was reassuring. Throughout the whole of the publishing process he was there to guide me and, more importantly, believe in me and my book. The final result is a superb book that I could not love more as a writer who is now ready for anything. I owe it all to Charles who I now regard as a great friend.—Helen Cardwell, author of Amber Janusson: Protector of the Magic Lands. Melton MowbrayOct 2003.


Charles—I really appreciate all you have done and am so glad I noticed your advertisement and only wish I had emailed you earlier for I got the impression from other publishers I queried about that it was quite an impossible task.  But the main thing is that I did find the perfect publisher and would like to say thank you.  You have been most helpful, kind and considerate, taking into account individual requirements.  The light was never switched off, i.e. you kept me in the clear with what stage everything was at and you work at a very fast rate.  I hope it wasn’t too painful for you munching through my bull!—Jennifer Morrison, author of Beware of the Bull. Kintore, by Inverurie Aberdeenshire  19th January 2004.


I beg you to ask Christ now to come into your heart.Dear Mr Muller—I would like to say with great admiration, many, many thanks, for your unique knowledge and comprehensive service.  Also, for the way in which you took authority and commanded the ‘keyboarding’ of my book.  I received a telephone call from a lady in Canada , and she said “what a great book”!  I was so excited.  Thank you again for your great and utmost hard work, in editing and publishing my book.
Rev Arthur S Dunn, author of What the Bible Says is in Your Hand.
Crofton Park, London

 March 2004 .

I just wanted to say in writing Charles how delighted I am having received the very first copy of the finished book. It looks great! I am most grateful to you for all your patience in the creating of this book. I know at times it seems to have gone on and on but the end result looks very smart doesn’t it! Everyone is delighted with the book including the owner of the White Rose!

David Robinson, author of An Expat’s Life , Luxembourg & The White Rose. Luxembourg , 16 May 2004.



I would like to record my thanks for your help and professional advice in the production of the two books. Without your ever ready advice and monitoring I would have struggled and still be in the doldrums. I appreciate your calm and patient manner to overcome my nervousness in this entirely new world of ‘writing a book’.  Once again my thanks for your efficient service and I look forward to the next book Debt of Honour which is well underway. – Roy Bishop MBE, Kent, author of Cry Havoc! and Bloody Hell. 30 August 2004.

Thank you so much for doing both books. I’m very pleased with them. Once again I send my most grateful thanks for all you have done. – G. Yvonne Dalton, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, author of Ebony and Lampwick and Candlegrease.

(1 September 2004.)



Dear Dr Muller—Having now descended from the dizzy heights of last Saturday's euphoria, I’d like to thank you, in writing, for being with my large family and friends, primarily, for your being the means of my dream materialising after so many years. I was overwhelmed by the numbers there on my “BIG DAY” and I’m delighted to say that the hundred copies indeed have been spoken for.—Louisa Jenkins, Edinburgh , author of The Tree That Grew In St James Square. 11 Sept 04.


Dear Charles—Thank you so much for the kind and wonderful way you treated me during the course of the four books. Four books in one summer, that’s something! You have made it possible and given me confidence by taking on my work.—Sally Ramage, Stafford, Lecturer in business compliance at the University of Wolverhampton, and author of LEGAL AND REGULATORY FRAMEWORK for BUSINESS in the UK, CIVIL LIBERTIES IN ENGLAND AND WALES, UK Steel Industry & International Trade, and AN INTRODUCTION TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.


This is my second time around at self publishing with Diadem Books and Charles and it has been as enjoyable as the first. Once again, from start to finish, Charles has been a wonder to work with, acting as an agent, editor, and publisher all rolled into one. And the final product? Absolutely blooming marvellous. Thanks for yet another brilliantly produced book Charles! Looking forward to the next time. —Helen Cardwell, author of Amber Janusson: Protector of the Magic Lands, and Amber Janusson and the Battle for the Magic Lands.  Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. 26 Oct 2004 .


Dear CharlesDespite the diligence before the event, it is always a little risky to remit a substantial cheque to someone known only as an advertiser. My fears, as usual, were groundless. Thank you so very much for your help over the past few weeks. Yes, I guess I could have done it all as a solo flight, but never within the six weeks from manuscript submission to delivery of the first copies of my book. Instead of simply stepping out of my comfort zone, I have expanded it with your assistance. Initially I faced a vertical wall of uncertainty, you turned it into a gentle learning curve. My new goal is to publish a new book each year. You will he the first to know when the manuscript is ready. Thanks again and very best wishes for the continued success of Diadem Books. Colin Edwards. Author of The Star Process. ISBN: 0-595-36631-7. Bromley , Kent . Published 11 August 2005 .
(Read Colin Edward's review of Have Anything You Really Really Want.)

Hi! Praise the LORD! I want to thank you again from deep within my heart for the magnificent piece of work in this book. Thank you so much for the help you've given me. I know I’ve said this before, but it is worth saying again, that I’m the best proof of the success of your editing skills. You have helped me develop the seed of faith in myself as a young writer, and l say it again -- I’m very proud to be your son in "Jesus". — Swaimece Simeon, MULEBA, KAGERA. TANZANIA , EAST AFRICA ; chief contributor to Refresh Your Heart in Jesus And Other Christian Testimonies. ISBN: 0-595-36672-4.  18 Sept 2005 .


Dear Charles, I have no hesitation in recommending Diadem Books to anyone wishing to get their work published.  In fact as you know I recommended another writer in our village of Clowne and he too has had his book of memoirs published because of this. Because of your help and encouragement to me I am now in the process of writing a novel. I would never have believed myself capable of serious writing, but with your help and promise to publish it for me when finished I’m sure I will succeed in finishing it. As I’ve said before, everything in life begins with just an idea; whether we pursue it is up to us. My many thanks to you for help in the past and hopefully in the future. Beth Richards, author of Chill out with Beth/Gems for young and old. Clowne, Derbyshire S43 4RT.    Feb 2006.


I wish to thank Dr. Charles Muller of Diadem Books (www.diadembooks.com) for his very professional and kind help. He is a real inspiration to work with and I will recommend him at anytime, and more importantly I will also make use of his services again.

— Dr Willie Maartens, author of Mapping Reality: A Critical Perspective of Science and Religion. Pretoria , South Africa


When I was contemplating the task before me, I was fortunate to have come into contact with Dr. Charles H. Muller, who, from the very outset, did everything possible to encourage me to get on with my mission. His advice and guidance, and especially his candid observation, that my memories and experiences would constitute a valuable record of history, which, without being published, “would be lost for posterity!”, helped me immensely. A great scholar and author in his own right, Dr. Muller’s magnanimity in agreeing to write the Foreword for this book has undoubtedly bestowed on it the much needed recognition as a useful contribution to an understanding of ethnic issues in an international perspective. I am indeed grateful to him for his kind and valuable patronage, and would unhesitatingly recommend him to any prospective author, young or old.

Dr K. Paramothayan, author of Edge of the Lagoon: Some Perspectives of Jaffna. Surrey, May 2007.

Charles Muller, you are a blessing from heaven! On receiving the first paperbacks I was completely gobsmacked – they were so perfect in every detail. They say presentation is everything and the finished publication of JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU is much better than anything I could have visualised. Thank you also for the marketing toolkit. You can be sure I will use your services again when the need arises and will recommend you to fellow writers. JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU will be a success in time; however, I intend to give all profits to a worthy cause – children of leukaemia comes to mind. Thanks again Charles for everything! I hope I can repay you some day for the trouble you have gone to make JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU a success. –  Thomas Pickup, Author of Jesus, I Trust in You.  Wimborne, Dorset. 21/5/07.



Dear Charles I had the most pleasant surprise today when a delivery van arrived with a parcel containing my newly published book! It looks really stunning and I cant thank you enough for the help you have given me to get it published. Only my wife and I are aware that the publishing was going ahead so we will have some explaining to do!  Bert Scorgie, author of Tigers Under the Turf.  Inverness, July 2007.


I would recommend Charles Muller of Diadem Books to any aspiring or established writer, regardless of the material topic or the writer's age.

The combination of Charles Muller's long academic and successful family life make him an excellent and discerning agent

I have had seven books of varied nature published under his guidance

                    Filton Hebbard.  19 October 2007


I first came into contact with Dr Muller in late 2003 as I searched the  internet desperately for a publisher for my manuscript  THE CALL THAT CHANGED MY LIFE. Prior to that I had experienced several setbacks by way of rejections.  He was an invaluable help not only as an editor but also in making my dream of becoming a published author come true by getting the book published both in paperback and in hardcover. He has since assisted me in publishing two additional titles—A LETTER TO MY DYING MOTHER: Surviving in the West (2005) as well as BE ENCOURAGED IN JESUS (Xulon Press 2006). Realizing my goal of publishing my book has been a very fulfilling experience. Owning to my busy schedule as a GP, however, I have not been able to dedicate much time for  publicity and  marketing. In my opinion in this age when celebrity sells, it is essential for an unknown author to do exactly that to gain substantial readership. Still, I cannot suppress the strong urge in me to write. I have several manuscripts in the pipeline. The next to be published soon is TREE CHEERS FOR GHANA which is an account of the astounding changes I noticed during my visit to my native Ghana this year (20070 compared to my last visit there in 1994. As usual I count on Dr Muller to do the editing that will give the manuscript a final beautiful touch.

Dr R.Peprah-Gyamfi   23 October 2007



Several years ago, I paid a vanity publisher called ‘M...... Publishers’ [name of a famous wizard!] of Devon some money to have a novel published. The least said about this organisation the better – they proved to be “con artists.”

Therefore, when I saw Charles Muller’s Diadem Books advertised, I was unsure what to do. Finally, I decided I would get in touch with Charles as he was not asking for extortionate amounts of money and I was also tired of approaching mainstream publishers and receiving rejection letters. I have a feeling it is hard to “break into” publishing if you do not have the right contacts or are not well known in some other field.

My book, A Rose and A Star, has recently been published and I am naturally hoping there will shortly be some sales made. I should like to state that Charles has been helpful and friendly throughout the entire publishing process and I hope one day to meet him and his wife in person.

Nancy Beattie (Gloria West), author of A Rose and a Star.  Shropshire, 22 October 2007.


As Proprietor & Editor-in-Chief at Diadem Books, I thoroughly endorse the work of Charles Muller.

His publishing record as Proprietor, since its inception, has shown vision, tact & prudence. Although aware of current literary fashions, his work is not bound in by them. It shows great variety, and is noteworthy for its mettle, dash & energy, with its wide selection of material that brings out the warmth and humanity at its centre. His eye is always on the qualities of the work and the merit of the material, whether it be autobiographical, historical, social or fictional, ensuring its human appeal.

 As an Editor, he is quick & accurate, paying meticulous attention to the detail of the work, but never losing sight of the overall picture, while remaining encouraging and warmly appreciative of his authors

 Roy Holland,. 11 March 2008

Charles has advised, edited and submitted for me, using POD publishing - two novels - and I highly recommend him to anyone. Especially if you're just beginning as a writer or seeking to be published for the first time. His experience in the field, enthusiasm for writing of all kinds, professional insight, personable character, you name it, all add up to a huge bonus (at no extra charge) to the editing service he provides.
Lisa Ammerman,  Florida..  March 2008


The Elf Witch Chronicles was my third outing with Charles as a publisher. Yet again, his work was outstanding and his guidance invaluable. Without his encouragement I would never have written this book. He was honest and truthful every step of the way, and was always there when I needed help or reassurance. Without him, my book would never have seen the light of day, and would not have been as well received as it has been.

I have no hesitation in recommending Charles to any potential writer, as the level of dedication he gives you, and the quality of his work is outstanding, and now consider him not only to be a business associate, but a true friend. Thank you for everything.—Helen Cardwell. (Author of The Elf-Witch Chronicles.)  December 2008.

I find that sometimes our expectations, something (Light Reading in my case) outweighs the finished product—but this time, Charles, you've excelled yourself in producing such a lovely edition of my work. I can't thank you enough. It is as perfect as is humanly possible. You may be a publisher—but to me you are a ‘STAR’.—Beth Richards, December 2008.



I'm just back from a short holiday and had the 1st copy of the book waiting on my return. I am extremely pleased with the end product, although it’s very strange to see my ramblings in print! I would like to thank you and the rest of the team at Diadem Books for your help and support with this project and for the professional product it has produced. When the other copies arrive I intend to market the book as much as possible using every method I can dream up and hopefully the title will become well known. If not the whole process has been a pleasure anyway and I have plenty more ideas for new novels which I intend to work on.

—Steve White, Surrey; author of the science fiction novel Rogue Trader. (Sept. 2009.)