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The Way We War and Sundance and the Kid: or The Daughter, The Dad and the Dolphin  -  Jonathon Olsen-Tennant




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The Way We War and Sundance and the Kid : or The Daughter, The Dad and the Dolphin
by Jonathon Olsen-Tennant  

UK price: £10.48     US price: $18.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 5 x 8
Pages: 300
ISBN: 0-595-35826-8
Published: Jun-2005 

In two spellbinding books the author follows the military exploits of his hero, first in a futuristic account of the Third World War, and then in some dramatic scenes in Germany and Scotland, with a memorable maritime skirmish in the English Channel.

Book Description
"It was early December, 2019. It hardly seemed possible that six months had elapsed since the start of World War Three..."

Anyone who enjoys military or wartime stories will be enthralled by the adventures of Warrant Officer Hal Hunter, who, thanks to his heroism and daring, rises quickly through the ranks.

In the first book the military action, set in a futuristic Germany, unfolds with startling realism, while the second book follows our inimitable hero's post-war skirmishes in dramatic settings, in Germany, the English Channel and the Moray Firth in Scotland.

About the author

After being a naval cadet, John Tennant became a Merchant Navy Wireless Officer. He was recruited into the RAF as an Electronic Intelligence Operator, and nine years later became a Management Trainee in Mansfield where he reached the exalted rank of Departmental Supervisor. When the firm closed he joined the Territorial Army, and later joined the regular Army, where he remained until retirement in 1988 and got a job with the Scottish Office where he was the Secretary of the Scottish Appeals Committee.

Thereafter he entered into a Consultancy Partnership that specialized in clinical grading, mainly regarding the grading of nurses. This ended when he suffered his first stroke. In spite of his handicap of almost total blindness, he has found in writing a new and rewarding outlet for his creative imagination.

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