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The Messengers of Death  -  Colin Taylor


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The Messengers of Death
by Colin Taylor

UK price: £10.99    US price: $18.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 316
ISBN: 0-595-34043-1
Published: Dec-2004 

Hitler sent a mission to an island off the coast of Wales during the Second World War in the belief that the Templar Treasure was located there and its seizure would secure world domination for the Nazis. Are such aspirations behind the present mayhem when the birds and livestock on the island go berserk?

Book Description
No one on the remote Welsh island of Broadholm suspects the incredible truth behind the sudden reign of terror that begins after the entire island's livestock go berserk. The ravens that inhabit the island's dark and sinister looking Devil's Tower subsequently embark on a series of horrifically vicious attacks that defy the investigation of Detective Sergeant Rory McNair. At first suspecting black magic, it was not until the unconventional detective discovers that one of the victims was researching both the history of the tower and its guardian ravens that he is able to glean the true nature of the horrendous forces at work.

About the author

Colin Taylor was born in the shadow of Rugby School and spent his formative years in Kenilworth under the spell of the castle’s rambling ruins. For some years he worked as a cartographer but found his forte in the environment. He lived on Lundy and worked in Scotland where he directed the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers for several years. After a related spell in Glasgow ’s Planning Department he took up a new life in Berlin where he now works as a language trainer in the city’s adult education system. First success as a short story writer led to the writing of The Messengers of Death which soon developed its own momentum to culminate in a trilogy.

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