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Tarnished Heroes  -  Bryan Marlowe


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Tarnished Heroes
by Bryan Marlowe 
UK price: £8.38     US price: $15.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 5 x 8
Pages: 228
ISBN: 0-595-40750-1
Published: Aug-2006

It's the cold war in the Far East and a chain of deadly circumstances forces two former world war heroes to form an alliance to save those they love in a final desperate act of heroism and redemption.

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Book Description
Group Captain Randolph Tremayne, RAF, the British Air Attaché and Lieutenant Colonel Bradford Rantzen, USAF, the United States’ Assistant Air Attaché, both serving in their respective embassies in Bangkok, are embittered and disillusioned men. Passed over for promotion and beset by family discord and tragedy.

Both men are former heroes, but are now tarnished by their experiences or weaknesses. Tremayne is a gallant, but philandering, self-indulgent opportunist and Rantzen is a heroic, but war-wearied veteran, suffering nightmares over the time he was a prisoner of war in Korea and fears he’s losing his grip on life.

A chain of deadly circumstances forces the two men to form an alliance to save those they love more than life, in a final desperate act of heroism and redemption.


Tarnished Heroes is saturated with believable characters, humour and dialogue that fits snugly in with a terrific story, which has more twists and turns than a HimalayanYeti trail, complete with a surprise ending. It's a tale that is bound to please more than 99.999% of its readers.  
        Carl Morris Miller, Bolivar, Missouri USA


“A good, old-fashioned war yarn, harking back to when men were men
who took their drink hard and their broads harder, Bryan Marlowe's Tarnished Heroes, based on the author's own RAF experience, engages and amuses, only occassionally slipping into pastiche. To be read in one sitting, with a large glass of Remy Martin to hand."

 — James Drew - Brussels-based film writer, sub-editor and reporter.

"Tarnished Heroes is a worthwhile read, with a story that will keep the reader on edge and wanting more. It has all the right ingredients: action, intrigue, romance and roguish heroes."
     Terry Clamp, Acomb, York


I can highly recommend the novel, Tarnished Heroes. For me it brought back memories of working in Bangkok and meeting the author's RAF associate, assigned to the British Embassy. Bryan Marlowe was our best man at our wedding in Bangkok.


        Jennie D. Sefton (American)

About the author

Bryan Marlowe was born in Holborn, City of London, 1930. He attended 22 schools, leaving at the age of 14. He had numerous jobs before National Service in the Royal Air Force 1948/50. He rejoined the RAF in 1951 and retired in 1971. Marlowe worked for 20 years with a northern police force. On retirement he took up voluntary work with Victim and Witness Support and worked as a newspaper columnist. He has travelled extensively through the five continents and lived abroad.



Review by Tom Slaughter:

Bryan Marlowe's deft touch with the thriller genre leads one to wonder just how many of the situations he describes, in tight-lipped, tense tones, are based on his own military experiences?

An interesting notion to play with, certainly, and it would not surprise this reviewer to find that the two key characters in Tarnished Heroes, Marlowe's Cold War Far East thriller are based on the author's own acquaintance from his RAF career.

Anyway, the novel introduces us to RAF British Air Attaché Group Captain Randolph Tremayne, RAF, the and USAF Lieutenant Colonel Bradford Rantzen, who is the United States' Assistant Air Attaché, who are both serving in their respective embassies in Bangkok but are embittered and disillusioned men - they're former heroes, but are now 'tarnished' by their own weaknesses. Tremayne has a gallant character, but he's a philanderer and more than a little selfish, while Rantzen is a heroic but jaded vet plagued by nightmares over his time as a prisoner of war. For both men, redemption may be just around the corner, but there may be a very high price to pay...

As comfortable with the thriller genre as he is with the broader strokes of comedy, Marlowe manages, once again, to provide the reader with believable characterisations and, while the high adventure on display may occasionally veer a little to close to exaggerated for comfort, the underlying dry, wry humour and dialogue work well in the labyrinthine concoction that Marlowe serves up. And, as a bonus, the ending is probably his best to date, it's a belter, to be served with a long, hard drink, naturally.

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