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Talavera  -  A C Sanyal


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Tongued With Fire
by A.C. Sanyal

UK price: £11.50     US price: $15.99
Format: Paperback
Size : 22.9 x 15.2 x 2 cm
Pages: 398
ISBN: 978-1907294433
Published: March 2010


The discovery of an old portrait of a Cavalry Officer in the uniform of Regency times, changes Audrey Hunter’s life for ever. The past reaches out to her with an intensity she cannot possibly ignore. The secure tranquility of her pleasant family life is threatened.  She must find depths of courage such as she never imagined she could possess. To be without the golden soldier boy whose love searches for her through time seems to be an impossible decision.

From the bloody battlefields of the Napoleonic Wars, to elegant Regency Ballrooms, from the hell of Bedlam, to the quite peace of the Dowers House, the ingenious plot intertwines past and present in the tale of a passion that must cross the centuries to achieve fulfillment.

About the author

Audrey Sanyal, a retired schoolteacher, was born in Lancashire, England. She studied at Sheffield, her background being in Liberal Arts. She and her husband have also lived in India and America. They now divide their time between England and Florida as they have family members in both places. Audrey has always enjoyed writing poems and also articles for in-house magazines. Talavera is her first book.   She loves to visit the places about which she writes. 

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