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A Stroke of Genius   by Mick Sutton


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Stroke victim tells story of his fight for recovery.

A Stroke of Genius: Letters and Stories
by Mick Sutton

$11.95     £9.99
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 98
ISBN: 0-595-27855-8
Published: Jun-2003

Mick Sutton’s letters that recount the experiences and impressions of a world cruise will be an inspiration and help to others who have had to overcome the challenges of a stroke or similar circumstances that have brought unexpected changes to the course of their lives and to the lives of their partners.

Book Description

“It comes as a great shock when the active and very articulate man you have shared your life with for sixty odd years has a stroke and loses all his speech.” Mick Sutton knew his wife, but could not speak her name. He could not write his own, could hardly make sense of the hospital menu, let alone read his paper or a book. His frustration was palpable. Then he met Fiona, his Speech Therapist, whose guidance worked wonders. Gradually she built up Mick’s speech and his ability to write grammatically. “I think if I had to describe Mick’s approach to rehabilitation it was that he saw it as a new job,” Fiona explains. “He was very disciplined and motivated, and I have no doubt that his letters and postcards sent to me during a world cruise, reproduced in this volume with very few language or stylistic corrections, will indicate his progress.” The letters and postcards written by Mick while on a world cruise is a saga of recovery and an inspiration for others who have to overcome the challenges of a stroke or similar unexpected changes or hurdles in their lives.

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Announcement in The Press & Journal, October 3, 2003