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Reflective, Collective: A Rumour of Humour - Sue Stone


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Reflective Collective: A Rumour of Humour
by Sue Stone
UK price: £6.23      US price: $10.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 88
ISBN: 0-595-38919-8
Published: Mar-2006


Inspirational poems in two parts—deep, honest thoughts and feelings, and humorous insights from chocolates to supermarket trolleys that will strike a common chord!

Book Description
Reflective Collective: A Rumour of Humour is a book of two halves. 'Reflective Collective' is a collection of inspirational spiritual and emotional reflections on various themes. Written with honesty and clarity, there will be something that will touch every heart. 'A Rumour of Humour' is a collection of poems which tell funny stories, mishaps and observations in a lighthearted way. There will be something to bring a smile to every face! Sit back with your feet up, take some time out—and enjoy!

About the author

Sue has had an interest in writing from an early age. Only in very recent years has Sue thought about committing some of her writing into book form. This is her first book. Sue was born in South London, where she currently lives and works.



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