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The STAR Process    Colin Edwards


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The STAR Process
by Colin Edwards 

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Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 118
ISBN: 0-595-36631-7
Published: Aug-2005 

A unique and original approach to self-discovery and realisation of goals, where the readers are active participants, making their own notes or pictures on their personal pages.

Book Description
Colin Edwards presents…
The most original self-discovery book in the world!

When you learnt to read, you probably used a similar method—it worked then and it can work now—to help you to open your mind to be, do and have whatever you want in life. It works like this:

See the short original verses—one per week
Think about what each one says to you
Act to jot down your own thoughts on the Personal Pages
Result—you expand your thoughts to change your life

About the author

Colin was a key player right from the introduction of life coaching as a profession in Britain. A charismatic public speaker, he is a prolific journalist, editor and PR specialist in all aspects of personal discovery. Having helped several authors with their own work, he has finally given in to the many requests to share his highly original talent with you. Photo by David Jacobs 

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