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The Adventures of Paul Sparrow   Constance Haughton


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The Adventures of Paul Sparrow
by Constance Haughton

UK price: £5.15      US price: $8.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 50
ISBN: 0-595-38147-2
Published: Dec-2005 

Friendship, fun, adventure and danger are the ingredients in this book. In the tradition of Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh, this is a children’s book written with humor and love which will delight all who read it.

Book Description
Paul is an endearing baby sparrow. He is not as strong as his brothers and sisters, so struggles to survive away from the safety of his mother’s nest. Luckily for Paul he meets Maggie Mouse, who becomes a trusted and loyal friend. There follows a series of adventures, and many interesting and comic characters emerge, such as Brownie Big Toe, Doctor Knowalott and Sylvia Swan. The origins of this story go back to the 1950’s, and contain non-fictional characters also. The children Sheenagh and Mary Rose are the author’s children, and Ginger Odd Eyes was the family cat. The book’s delightful illustrations have been provided by three of the author’s grandchildren.

About the author

Connie Haughton was born on February 1st 1914 in Devon. From an early age she had a love for young children; later she became a nurse and still remembers many of the children she nursed. These stories developed as a way to distract her own children from their upsets. She quickly recognized that Paul’s influence was like “magic” in the family, so the stories grew. More information at www.diadembooks.com/sparrow.htm Illustrations are by Daniel, Adam and Peter Collins.

Illustrations are by Daniel, Adam and Peter Collins

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