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Further Revelation of Silas   - Eileen Babb


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Further Revelations of Silas :
A Spirit Guide

by Eileen Babb 
UK price: £6.95    US price: $14.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 118
ISBN: 978-1-4092-6184-1
Published: Feb-2009

Eileen writes this book merely as a medium—a channel for her spiritual guide Silas to impart basic information that we in this often misguided world need to know. If Silas, through Eileen, succeeds in reaching out to just one person, then this whole project will have been worthwhile. With its wisdom and revelations from one who lived before, this book is proof of a world beyond the grave.





Book Description

In this, their second book, Eileen and Silas once again work together to bring you yet more proof that not only do our loved ones survive death and are able not only to communicate with those of us on earth who are left behind but also take a keen interest in our lives.  In this most informative book Eileen gives you Silas’s thoughts on parallel universes and current affairs.  They are also at pains to highlight the differences between the two worlds by illustrating to you how differently the two worlds can view something as simple as a circle.  In materialistic earth it is sometimes viewed as a ring which some of you can’t wait to place on your finger, not realizing that often in your world you marry in haste and repent at leisure! In the world of spirit, however, it represents eternity—eternal life, and eternal love. The poetry in the second section shows that our life issues are very much in the forefront of our lives.  We do hope that in this second book you find something that will strike a chord within you.

About the author

Eileen, a housewife in South Wales, married with three sons and five grandchildren, has believed in the Spirit World for almost all her life. Now, with the help of her husband Colin and in partnership with her spiritual guide, she has dedicated her life as a medium, bringing the insights of love, wisdom and warnings of the Spirit World to those of us who will listen.

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