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Schools for Slander: A True Story    by Ruth Barrett



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US price: $11.95 
UK price : £10.27
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9                    
Pages: 188
ISBN: 0-595-13801-2
Publication Date: Oct-2000

Teaching is a vocation, not a job. And yet teachers can suffer unbelievable torture. In this book the author gives a vivid account of her years of teaching in England -- years of unmitigating persecution and slander!

It wasn't hard for the author to record her horrendous experiences as a teacher in England. Every episode was as clear in her mind as if it had happened the previous day. She had repeated for months, every word that had been said to her -- over and over again, during the day and when she lay awake at night. And in writing it all down here it proved to be the best therapeutic treatment she could ever have wished for. She purges her system of the whole horrific episode in her life. "Such corruption sickened me," she concludes. Perhaps for many teachers this book will also prove to be a cathartic experience!

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