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The Rum Runner  -  A. Hamilton-Scott


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The Rum Runner
by A. Hamilton-Scott

UK price: £12.99     US price: $17.99
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 610
Published by Diadem Books
Published: Nov-2009


The year is 1927, and Danny Dempsey is the Second Engineer aboard the S.S. Medhurst. The ship has been chartered to run fifty thousand tons of sugar from Havana, Cuba, to Brooklyn, USA. As America is in the middle of Prohibition, there are big rewards for successful booze smuggling.

Danny nodded. ‘I wonder what this place will be like with Prohibition? It seems unbelievable that any country could pass a law to stop people drinking. The next thing they’ll be doing is banning sex.’

The picaresque, swaggering Glaswegian hero, Danny, irresistible to young women, is drawn into a series of colourful events that take the reader through a dingy yet colourful period of history, from the back streets of Glasgow, across the ocean to Cuba and the nightclubs of New York.

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