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Life and Deaf   by Patricia Molloy


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Life and Deaf
by Patricia Molloy
Cover by Mark Cox

UK price £12.99    US  price: $14.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 148
ISBN: 0-595-31794-4
Published: Apr-2004

Life and Deaf, about bringing up a girl who is profoundly deaf, is for anyone who enjoys a true inspirational and uplifting story filled with pathos, hope, dejection, unswerving love, success and romance.

Book Description
“The object of writing this book,” the author writes, “is to try to relate as honestly and as sincerely as possible, the emotions, fears, difficulties, disappointments and hopes, and, above all, the tremendous satisfaction I experienced in bringing up a deaf child.” In that aim she has undoubtedly succeeded, and no reader can read this moving story of courage and perseverance without being profoundly moved and regenerated by the depth of love with which she and her husband—and indeed Rosemary, their daughter—relentlessly overcame the barriers that confronted them.

About the author

The author was born Patricia Pilkington in 1922. Shortly after the outbreak of war in 1939 she became an Ambulance Driver with the local civil defence ambulance service. Soon thereafter she joined the WAAF as a driver and was posted to Church Fenton fighter aerodrome near Doncaster, where she drove the coal wagon and salvage wagon before being appointed staff car driver to the station squadron leader. After the war she became the first female police car driver in the Leeds City Police, where she met and married Peter, to whom she owes this story.

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Silence is Golden: “A Deaf Child Is A Normal Child Who Cannot Hear”
by Patricia Molloy

UK price: £12.99      US price: $14.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 148
ISBN: 0-595-36126-9
Published: Jun-2005 

To the readers who have read the author's first book Life and Deaf, this new story will answer their desire to know what happened to her daughter Rosemary, who became deaf at the age of two years due to an overdose of streptomycin, and her progress thereafter despite eminent specialists suggesting her only vocabulary would be "signing" and her speech would be very limited.