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Red Enemy   -   Chester Cole


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Red Enemy          
A Novel
by Chester Cole   

US price: $14.95      UK price: £12.99
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 244
ISBN: 0-595-25665-1
Publication Date: Nov-2002

A fast-moving thriller presenting a multinational cast of heroes and villains led by an American before and after the Cold War ended in Europe.

Apart from war and conflict, another major hazard facing the soldier is court martial. That of colonel Destry Corrigan, US army in Germany for murder and desertion was no exception—but is he innocent? He was captured by terrorists and forced to play computerized war games—against a Russian of similar rank, Viktor Nolev, during the Cold War to increase their ransom value. But when things go wrong and the terrorists intend killing their captives at the end of the war games, the two colonels, together with two British captives, plan a spectacular mass escape. But freedom brings its own problems. Corrigan discovers that he is wanted for the murder of a soldier left behind when he was captured. Rather than face prison or possible execution, he goes on the run for several years after the Cold War ends with the collapse of the Berlin Wall. He is eventually persuaded to give himself up by a woman he meets while on the run. His story of capture by terrorists is not believed and he is court-martialed. During the trial a surprise witness appears and verifies his story. Will it be enough for an acquittal?

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