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Finally I Gave My Presentation -  Fahad Al-Nashmi


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Finally, I Gave My Presentation
by Fahad Al-Nashmi

UK price: £5.00    US price: $9.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 66
ISBN: 0-595-48837-4
Published: Jun-2008

Finally I Gave My Presentation! is a creative approach to overcoming the fear of public speaking. It is a practical and real-life story that will grab your attention.

Cover design & illustrations by Michelle Dickson



Book Description

This book is unique in the way it illustrates and educates the reader indirectly in the way public speaking should be handled. Hundreds of books have been written to list and prioritize steps for public speaking, but this book is different. Fred is a university student who was faced with a Monster.

Going through the story you will enjoy and appreciate the way the issue of public speaking is tackled. Psychologically you will feel the success, you will admire Fred in the way he builds up his confidence and overcomes the fear of facing the audience.

We tend to remember stories rather than dry academic books; hence you will enjoy Fred’s experience and remember him in your day-to-day communication

About the author

Born in Kuwait in 1959 and married with four children, the author holds an MBA degree with 28 years of working experience, mostly with the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and International Marketing. He is a member and founder of Kuwait Toastmasters, an International non-profit organization for the development of public speaking and leadership skills.

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