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The Republic  -  Neil Phillips


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The Republic
A Novel by Neil Phillips
US price: $14.95    UK price: £12.99
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 196
ISBN: 0-595-29601-7
Published: Jul-2003

This is an enthralling novel about international conspiracy, murder of a Prime Minister and the overthrow of the British Monarchy, set in the near future.

Book Description
Has the House of Windsor finally come to an end? Neil Phillips’ novel is set in the future about a web of intrigue over the continued existence of the Royal household. The Queen suddenly abdicates in favour of her grandson, but the Government of the day believes the time has come to end a thousand years of monarchist rule. The Prime Minister, a staunch republican, is summoned to Buckingham Palace, but just as he is delivering a short press conference outside No 10 Downing Street he is assassinated. A single shot ends his life but begins a struggle between the Royalists and the Republicans. Alan Chandler, an MI5 officer, is tasked with discovering who has killed who, why, and with whose authority. Was it the Royalists within the Government or the House of Windsor trying to maintain its iron grip on the Wealth of the Nation?

About the author

Born in Southwater, West Sussex in 1958, Neil Phillips trained as a Lawyer. In 1988 the untimely death of his father led him to take over the family business. He emigrated to Monaco, returning to England some seven years later. He lives a quiet life, writing and assisting his brother Ashley in running his 500-acre Estate in the unspoilt country of the timeless West Sussex County. He has been married to Maureen for 23 years and has three grown up children.


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