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On a Pedestal  -  R B Smedley


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On a Pedestal
by R. B. Smedley 

UK price: £7.99     US price: $12.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 160
ISBN: 0-595-36665-1
Published: Aug-2005 

A young engineer’s introduction to the hardships of life at sea and the vicissitudes of war on the heroic Pedestal convoy to Malta during WW 11.

Book Description
Leaving the shipyard where he learnt his trade, a young marine engineer joins his first merchant ship at the outset of the Second World War. No sooner has David Watson adjusted to the difficulties of life at sea than fate intervenes. He eventually finds himself embroiled in the famous and bloody Pedestal convoy to re-supply the strategically important island of Malta .

A strong narrative pays homage to the fortitude and heroism of those men of the sea who risked so much to provide the wherewithal for survival of the beleaguered islanders and servicemen. It is based on actual incidents, particularly in the career of the author’s father, although the main characters are fictitious.

About the author

The author served as a seagoing officer in the Merchant Navy before joining a major oil company to specialise in the building of commercial ships of various types. A keen sailor in racing dinghies and keelboats, he lives in Rutland .

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