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The Parousia  -  Book One: Hell   -  Paul T M Jackson


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The Parousia
Books One: Hell

by Paul T. M. Jackson

UK price: £7.99     US price: $11.99
Format: Paperback
Size : 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.7 cm
Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-1907294525
Published: April 2010


Book Description
The Holy Grail has been discovered, and Satan has found it, and intends to use it, against its purpose, for his own devices. Joshua is the unlikely boy chosen to sneak down to the depths of Hell, and surreptitiously win it back for God, and for mankind.

But as he sets out on his journey, is all as it seems? This is the first of a trilogy, following the adventures of Joshua, with ‘Heaven’ and ‘Earth’ to follow.

 ‘In this apocalyptical novel the range and control of the author’s knowledge of mythology and classics is impressive. It is also a good story – the integration of the biblical and Greek mythology forms a seamless imaginative world with its own laws and probabilities – and, I think, reflects back a lot more sense to the real world in which we exist (in the Aristotelian sense!). The author has created a fascinating mirror to reflect back on ourselves.’—Charles Muller, Diadem Books.

About the author

Born on the Wirral, 1978, Paul is a graduate of the University of Liverpool, with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Classics, specialising in Ancient Philosophy, having written papers on Aristotle and the PreSocratics, and the University of Chester, with a postgraduate degree in Religious Studies. Presently teaching Latin and Ancient Greek and taking a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning, Paul also has an interest in translating some of the more obscure works of Dumas from the original French to English.

Read a review of The Parousia - Book One: Hell:

Paul Jackson got me from the start with his flowing pen and descriptive prose. He certainly has talent and knows how to put it on paper. The Parousia is, however, a dark and gloomy novel. A young boy, Joshua, and archangel Moloch are heading into hell to save the world. Jackson has a lot of imagination in his vision of hell, and writes about it very well.

 It took me a while to become enthusiastic, as I first found it quite grim and depressing. I also thought some things just seemed too easy – the characters seemed to be against all odds on their trip through hell, and yet just sailed through. I was sceptical, but the author does leave little clues that not is all as it seems, and as I kept on reading, he really brought the whole thing together beautifully, to an inspiring and wonderful ending. Good work!

Joanne Chase of  Cut to the Chase Reviews

Read another review of The Parousia - Book One: Hell:

““Special” children are always captivating and Joshua, the protagonist of Jackson’s The Parousia, is no exception. From the first chapters you are immediately drawn in, captured by Jackson’s highly descriptive prose that swiftly leads Joshua to follow the Archangel, Moloch, into the depths of the earth on a mission to retrieve the Holy Grail from the hands of the Archfiend.

As full of symbolism as the original Dante’s Hell, but richly drawing on other biblical and classical sources as well, The Parousia captivates for three reasons. Firstly the descriptive prose - Jackson is an expert at literally drawing pictures with words, so much so, that your skin tingles and goosebumps rise at certain descriptions of battles with unimaginable monstrous insects, sea creatures or despicable demons, not to mention the descriptions of hell.

Secondly, unlike Dante, whose Canto’s are long and tedious in this day and age, Jackson’s chapters are short and easily read by anyone, at any age. The Parousia can definitely be considered a successful rewriting of a great classic. And as a high school teacher of English as a foreign language in a country where Dante is studied at a young age, I have decided to use specific exerpts from The Parousia as examples for my students of what can be done today with the classics.

And lastly, even though everything seems to proceed in Joshua’s favour in his adventures on the road to hell, there is a definite “twist to the tale” that brings the book to an unexpected climax that leaves you hungering for more and you put the book down asking yourself, “Ok, so what happens next, where’s Book Two?”

Excellent work. Can’t wait to read the sequel.” Anna Fornari

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