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Nicodemus and the Flight of Argus - Liz Mente-Bishop


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Nicodemus and the Flight of Argus
by Liz Mente-Bishop

UK price: £6.99    US price: $9.89
Format: Paperback
Size: 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.2 cm
Pages: 222
ISBN: 978-1907294082
Published: Sept-2009

Cover and illustrations by Dr Derek Bishop.


As the glorious Mykonos sun mysteriously disappears behind a deadly swarm, Nicodemus knows he cannot make it in time!

When he returns to his village to find the Sacred Hall destroyed, their precious Beryl Stone stolen and his niece kidnapped, Nicodemus has no choice but to climb aboard his trusted friend and companion, Ophelia, and fly off in search of the culprit—his archenemy Acantha!

Can they survive the sting of Ulysses, outwit the Sylvans and deceive the Dactyls? Or will they simply meet their death at the hands of the humans?

About the author

Liz literally fell into her writing career, after a mountaineering accident left her bedridden and in need of a new direction in life. She is now fully recovered and lives in Oxfordshire with her family and over 30 animals!


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