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Narwhal  -  Margaret Gill


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by Margaret Gill

UK price: £8.00    US price: $14.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 204
ISBN: 0-595-48177-9
Published: Jan-2008

A boy with ESP powers and a magic narwhal tusk set a remote Scillonian island aflame. A mystery thriller with a difference.

Book Description

When Gray retrieves an engraved narwhal’s tusk from the sea disturbing changes begin to happen to both marine and bird life. The islanders suspect Gray’s unusual powers of being able to communicate with seals and other creatures as the cause of the unrest. They find the tusk he has hidden away and fear that an ancient prophecy threatening the island will come to pass since they have always considered the narwhal as an omen of disaster. Gray finds himself a victim of a confused and complex web of superstition as the islanders decide a ritual sacrifice must be made. How can he prove his innocence and escape their final condemnation of him?

Narwhal was shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press Awards.

About the author

Margaret Gill graduated in English Literature. Later she trained as a teacher of yoga and is currently teaching on a healing course. She has six grandchildren and apart from writing (Narwhal is her seventh book), she teaches several classes of yoga a week and helps to arrange events in her Northamptonshire village. She is seen here holding the Writers News trophy she won for her book Secret of the Scrolls at the Swanwick Conference, 2005.

See the author's website at www.margaretgill.co.uk

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