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Beware of the Bull     Jennifer Morrison



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Stories for the Young & Incurably Eccentric!

Beware of the Bull: Stories for the Young and Incurably Eccentric
by Jennifer Morrison

UK price: £8.99   US price: $9.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 90
ISBN: 0-595-31054-0
Published: Feb-2004

Warning! These stories, for the young and the incurably eccentric, may blow every fuse in your mind.

Book Description

Beware of the Bull presents ten fascinating stories that will bewilder and entertain the reader with fantastic and hilarious situations, where the author’s fertile imagination will lead the reader into a phantasmagorical and psychedelic wonderland of magic mixed with prosaic reality. The weird and wonderful storylines will entrap the reader, holding him or her spellbound to see where the bizarre events will lead.

Just what will be the outcome of the appearance of the ubiquitous spider, for example, in ‘The Everlasting Spider’? And have you wondered what happens to those various household articles that mysteriously disappear? Don’t be surprised if the answers to questions such as these turn out to be mind-blowing!

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