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Like Chaff to the Wind   -   Robert Morgan



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Like Chaff to the Wind
by Robert Morgan 

UK price: £13.41      US price: $23.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 444
ISBN: 0-595-32925-X
Published: Oct-2004 

This true story of a love rooted in Hungary, a saga in the spirit of Doctor Zhivago, set in the chaotic times when the Russian revolution swamped the lives of the landed gentry in Hungary, will fascinate and move the reader to tears of sadness and joy.

Book Description
Robert Henery, a racehorse trainer, is forced by unfortunate circumstances in England to accept a position in Hungary, training the horses for a Count who has a beautiful and self-willed daughter. The chaotic events following the First World War and the Russian revolution soon envelope his life and that of the lovely Elizabet, and their destinies are entwined in the dramatic events that follow, ending eventually in a remarkable denouement in Britain. This is a love story, filled to the brim with adventure, tenderness and dramatic tension, and will hold the reader spellbound

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