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Solomon Had It Easier     -    Barrie Moody



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Short Stories

Solomon Had It Easier      
by Barrie Moody

US price: $15.95   UK price: £13.99
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 242
ISBN: 0-595-26803-X
Published: Jan-2003

The stories in this collection are eminently entertaining and amusing, conveying the considered verdicts of a Yorkshire Judge well past retiring age with a sense of humour that is both exquisitely dry and nicely understated.

Well, it's true, Solomon did have it easier! After all, apart from that thing with the two women and the baby, what demanding cases did he try? Anyway, the Old Testament sage was a king, so had a good deal of latitude. The modern judge is more circumscribed and must try to extract justice from a morass of laws created by others. Perhaps no-one did this better than that demon of denouement, the Yorkshire Judge, Embert Wimple, as the cases presented in these stories surely demonstrate. All were culled from those tried by the judge during his last year on the bench—or, more truthfully, from the author’s fertile imagination! In any case, the wry sense of humour of both judge and narrator are conveyed in a readable style that makes the stories eminently entertaining and amusing.

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