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Nice Bits & Hissy-fits  -  Miki Byrne


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Nice Bits and Hissy-fits
by Miki Byrne

UK price: £11.68   Our price: $21.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 304
ISBN: 0-595-41276-9
Published: Sep-2006

A collection of life-pictures in words. Warm, funny, poignant and well-observed.

Book Description

“These poems are evocative, sincere, genuine and vivid glimpses into Miki’s world—indeed, into our world that’s both full of joy, picaresque and tender beauty and deep sadness. At first I was quite enchanted, and by the time Miki spoke of Nine-Eleven, deeply moved—as well as by the pain like fire that goes where it wants.”—Charles Muller, Diadem Books.

“Incisive, conversational and humorous.”—Mosfest 2005.

“Perfect word-pictures of our canal heritage.”—Inland Waterways Magazine.

“Wide ranging, tackling issues that are both profound and ordinary–indeed, seeking the profound in the ordinary.”—Kerri Miles. Authority Publishing.

“Six Inch Heels is totally brilliant.”—Jimmy Fantastic. Performance poet.

About the author

Despite a life-long disability Miki has held interesting jobs and written since her teens. Having been forced by ill-health to leave her beloved Narrow-boat she now writes from home near Tewkesbury. Until recently Miki did not own a computer and so this entire manuscript was handwritten despite severely deformed hands and great pain. Miki performs her poetry live, has been on TV twice and is an accomplished percussionist. She lives with her partner.

Cover design by Marcus Lanyon.
Cover photograph by Karen Swan.

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