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The Adventures of Maureen & Maury    Emelia J Hardy


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For Children of all Ages!

The Adventures of Maureen & Maury
For Children of all Ages!

by Emelia J Hardy

US price: $12.95    UK price: £10.99
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 158
ISBN: 0-595-29536-3
Published: Sept-2003

This book is written for children of every age and for some adults—children that are faced with painful everyday obstacles that are hard to deal with by themselves.

I love my daddy & mommy

"Shall I pin back your ears, Maury?"

The doll Maureen, on which the story is based!

Cartoon illustrations by Brian P Savignano

This is a very unusual children’s book. You will find different dilemmas, different fears, and different obstacles. But you’ll also find different solutions to all of these problems. You will be taken into a fantasy world full of hope for the children.

Some of these stories about the adventures of Maureen and Maury, a magical doll and stuffed rabbit, are based on actual events that took place, but all the stories are turned into something moving, powerful, and wonderful—and sometimes even funny

About the author

The author, Emelia Hardy, grew up in a world full of fear, pain and abuse and wrote her life story in Why Daddy, Why? So who better to write and deal with children’s pain than someone who’s been there?  In these stories, you'll find that bad circumstances always turn to something positive and good!

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