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Eric and Thickpea    Jill Martin


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Eric and Thickpea
by Jill Martin

UK price: £7.99      US price: $14.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 198
ISBN: 0-595-46620-6
Published: Sep-2007

What happens when the only person you can trust is a rat?

Book Description

Eric lives rough in north London with Thickpea, his rat, and a ragbag assortment of the city's homeless, dispossessed and slightly smelly. Then one of their number is kidnapped, and Eric and his friends are thrown into a strange and confusing world. Who is the blond young man that keeps cropping up? How is Eric's family involved in his turmoil? And how does he know who to trust? The answers come after a series of events culminating in a deadly climax, and Eric must face some unpleasant truths.

About the author

Jill Martin worked as a teacher in South Yorkshire before taking up writing, and now lives in Sheffield with her husband and her daughter Laura. This is Jill’s first novel, and Laura’s first commission as a book illustrator.

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