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The Malvinas Affair  -  Richard Swale


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The Malvinas Affair
by Richard Swale

UK price: £6.99    US price: $11.99
Publisher: Diadem Books:
an imprint of Spiderwize
Format: Paperback
Size : 20.2 x 12.6 x 1.6 cm
Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-1907294365
Published: Jan-2010

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An aftermath of the Falklands War, the gripping action of this intriguing spy/thriller starts with the sinking of the Argentine battle cruiser General Belgrano in May 1982. Many lives were lost, including, in the story, the son of a wealthy meat packer and shipper with a business in Buenos Aires.

Working in the city as a shipping and MI6 Agent is Harry Bolitho. He gets wind of a plot, run by the businessman and involving young survivors of the sinking, to use one of his container ships to carry an Exocet missile, in a container, to the UK, and release it against one of its nuclear power stations.  

By informing the British Foreign Office it is hoped to foil the attack. Bolitho’s information is not believed at first, and a young female MI6 agent is sent out to check whether it is true or not.  There are many difficulties on the way, and it is doubtful, until the end, whether the attack will succeed.  

About the author

Who better to write this adventure of espionage and intrigue than Richard Swale! His time as an Air Sea Rescue Controller in Algiers is relevant experience.  Later he became French Liaison Officer, North Africa, when he was responsible for handing over to the French the Units in Oran, Algiers and Tunis, with the attendant Signals Unit.  Also, a fighter pilot in WW2, he has also flown the aircraft mentioned in the novel! Furthermore, for relaxation, he has taken to sailing the waters of South Cornwall, and is therefore familiar with the sea that he describes so well in his novel.

The author writes: “I was born in a village close to the City of York in 1922, educated at Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School and spent my spare time in my youth rowing, sailing and swimming in the river Ouse.  It was my intention to go to Loughborough College with the intention of becoming a teacher but Hitler put a stop to that and I joined the RAF instead becoming, in due course, a night fighter pilot involved in the Italian campaign.  An account of my war is lodged in the Imperial War Museum.  Returning to York after the war I became a Fire Surveyor with the Yorkshire Insurance Company  (now defunct)." See www.diadembooks.com/swale.htm for more information.

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Publisher: Diadem Books:
an imprint of SPIDERWIZE
Format: Paperback
Size : 20.2 x 12.6 x 1.6 cm
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ISBN: 978-1907294020
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