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Lampwick and Candlegrease Or Below the Salt
by Dalton Alexander

UK  price: £10.99     US price: $13.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 140
ISBN: 0-595-31773-1
Published: Apr-2004

An enchanting and humorous record of the author's memories of rural England and London, from the thirties to the war years, ranging from rural customs, aerial dogfights and the eccentricities of hospital staff!

Book Description

Writing of rural England in the thirties, wartime Britain and post-war London hospitals, the author says: “It has given me great pleasure to put my early life down in print. It brought back memories that made me laugh and gave a boosting lift away from today’s ‘Dead Pan’ existence… In those days before the war, folks were pleased with what they managed to get and looked after their possessions for years. They were a different breed from today where no-one is satisfied for very long. There were no endless temptations to grab more and more. A pleasant day in the country meant so much. Now there is no time for genuine enjoyment, when the TV and computer beckon one to waste vast amounts of money on nothing or very little. People were amusing and ‘characters’ were never forgotten.”
—Dalton Alexander

About the Author

Dalton Alexander was born and brought up in Royal Tunbridge Wells surrounded by pleasant country and homely farms. Her grandma lived in Ivy Cottage just over the border in Sussex where she spent many hours in the fields and orchards, and many more hours watching pond life and wildlife. Later she rode horses around Broadwater and Ashdown Forests .

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