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Glad to be Mad -  Kim Schroeder


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Glad to be Mad : Poems Verging on Sanity
by Kim Schroeder                  
UK price: £10.95    US price: $12.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 112
ISBN: 0-595-31870-3
Published: May-2004

This collection of simple and honest poems will scream out in self-validation as it tracks the author’s ups, downs and observations through a wide range of human experience and emotions.

Book Description
Go on. I dare you. Take a peek. Perhaps you will find yourself, or someone you know. Be glad. You share this madness with that person standing next to you, or the one sitting beside you and even the one that society has trussed up in a straitjacket and administered ECT to. This collection of simple and honest poems screams out in self-validation as it tracks the authors’ ups, downs and observations along its learning curve, revealing intense moments of epiphany. Most importantly, the poems show there is no shame in feeling bad or different. Rejoice in being you, with all your colours, and see how normal you are!

About the author

Kim Schroeder is a freelance writer and English Language Teacher.   After studying English she trained to become a mental health nurse, working for 10 years in the NHS.   Her career in Health Care Management came to an end when she made the decision to care for her own mother who developed an early-onset dementia at the age of 55.   Deciding that ‘Charity begins at home’ she never looked back.  

On moving to Germany in 2000 she worked for the Red Cross as a community nurse before starting to write on a full-time basis.   She now wants to use her pen as a medium with which to show how important it is to care holistically for people with mental health problems, never losing sight of their individuality.  

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Just one of the very sensitive and perceptive poems in this collection:


He still looks like the man I used to know

Same face same eyes especially when he smiles

Though much thinner now with a compulsive need to wander

Could he be searching for a way back to the life we once shared?


His behaviour makes no sense – I try hard to understand the meaning

As he talks to people that are not there and shouts out in the dark

Aggression was never his solution to life's frustrations and difficulties

Now I try to help him shave and he punches me firmly in the ribs


They say he cannot help it – it is the brain damage – he has no control

This I do not comprehend as he contemplates me with such venom

I know he does not know me anymore – his children also forgotten

I try to remain calm composed – is this possible with a severed heart?


There are moments when I can almost believe

It is all a bad dream

That we will wake tomorrow

And take up where we left off


I ask myself how can I go on how can I cope?

The answer lies in his face those eyes

When he holds my gaze for more than a second

And I am overcome with feelings of love – just like before