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Killer Genes   -   Filton Hebbard



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Killer Genes
A Novel
by Filton Hebbard   

US price: $15.95     UK price £11.11
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 276
ISBN: 0-595-20991-2
Publication Date: Nov-2001

Killer Genes, a novel that evokes the harsh environment and rough characters of the Australian outback in the pioneering gold-mining days, is the latest work to emerge from the author’s fertile imagination.

An exciting novel from Australia’s past.

When the British decided to colonize Australia over two hundred years ago, scientific knowledge of the importance of genes and their influence on human behaviour was completely unknown. Genes, themselves, had yet to be discovered.

Among the convicts forcibly expatriated from the motherland, was a brutal murderer with a family history of violence. His genes passed down the line until, over one hundred and fifty years later, a descendant, Harry Johnson, became aware of them and realized that not only had they affected his own life, they were magnified in the behaviour of his only child, his son.

He decided that he had a responsibility to society to try to remedy the situation by whatever method necessary, regardless of the drastic action he might be required to take and the personal pain that he must suffer.

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