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Cases of Acute & Chronic Diseases Easily Cured   Dr H.V. Kerai


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For Mature Readers Only

Cases of Acute & Chronic Diseases Easily Cured:
For Mature Readers Only
by Dr H.V. Kerai

UK price: £7.00    US price: $13.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 134
ISBN: 0-595-49825-6
Published: May-2008


A collection of real life cases of patients treated by the author as an Ayurved Doctor and Psychologist in India and Kenya.

Book Description

Cases of Acute and Chronic Diseases Easily Cured is a collection of real life stories of patients who were treated by the author in his clinic during his very busy practice as an Ayurved Doctor and the Psychologist in India and Kenya.

This collection of cases speaks volumes for his skill as a doctor and a writer and his unique insights into medical and psychological matters as are reflected in many of his public lectures on 'Worries', 'Theory of Karma', 'Prescription for Happy Marriages', 'Food as Medicine' and 'Life after Death'. For persons who might experience some of the concerns dealt with - especially those of an embarrassing sexual nature such as masturbation, underdeveloped breasts and sterility - and who might be reluctant to discuss their problems openly with a doctor, this book will be of inestimable value and may well reassure them that their problems are by no means unique.

“Nature is the best cure. Ayurvedic treatment is a harmless and natural therapy without any side effects. Psychological knowledge, if used properly, is beneficial for mankind in general especially when it is administered by the medical doctor.” - Dr. H.V.Kerai, PhD

About the author

Dr. Kerai was born in India in 1940, educated in Kenya and India. He has done outstanding work as a National leader in Kenya, and is a prominent Social and Religious worker in India.  He is a well-known writer, lecturer, journalist and an Ayurved Doctor. He has served hundreds of people with acute and chronic ailments very successfully and mostly free of charge.

He has travelled widely, visiting several western countries as a freelance lecturer. He writes effectively in Gujarati and English and is renowned as a speaker at large gatherings and functions. He is a man for the people, serving people from all walks of life regardless of race, colour or religion.

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