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Broken Sword   -  John R Barrett



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Broken Sword
by John R. Barrett

UK price: £15.00    US price: $28.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 574
ISBN: 0-595-47360-1
Published: Dec-2007


Davey Watson was an ordinary boy—an embittered child of Scotland's Killing Times. His mother was a saint in heaven. His father was a bully and a thief. His master was the amazing Mr Allan. Strange guardian angels guide the ragamuffin hero through the dangers and deceptions of Scotland's Civil War. And a mysterious destiny carries the savage boy along twisting roads that lead to God, or glory, or the gallows.

Book Description

The Killing Times were over, but the killing still goes on.

Davey Watson has only a broken sword and a faint memory of his dead mother to protect him in a world of mystery, magic, danger and betrayal.

Who will guide the ragamuffin hero in his quest for vengeance? Which road will lead him to the truth?

Mr Allan’s knows only the strict straight highway to heaven. Davey’s father treads the road to the gallows. The Highland warriors march to death and glory. The tavern women’s joyful way is filled with laughter, love—and so much more besides.

Strange guardian angels guide Davey Watson’s footsteps through the violent world of Scotland’s Civil War: until, at last, the prophesies are fulfilled, the mysteries unravel and the secret of the broken sword is revealed.

About the author

John Barrett, archivist, anarchist, cyclist, historian, has enjoyed a lifetime of involvement in exploring and preserving the documentary heritage and historic landscapes of Northeast Scotland. He has also travelled widely – researching prehistoric and historic landscapes, sites and monuments throughout the European culture zone.

John Barrett has published poetry and literary criticism, as well as numerous articles on aspects of Scottish history from the Stone Age to the Twentieth Century.

He is the author of an episodic history of the Royal Burgh of Forres. He is co-author, with David Iredale, of four books in the Shire Publications Discovering series: Local History, Your Old House, Your Family Tree and Old Handwriting. All are illustrated with the authors’ own photographs and with drawings by Christine Clerk. Barrett and Iredale have also co-operated (with Christine Clerk as illustrator) on an adventure in family history for children.

John Barrett’s first novel for children, The Salt Trader’s Boy (Aberdeenshire Council, 2003) was published, with illustrations by Christine Clerk, to introduce British Neolithic society, sites and monuments to young readers.

The Whitestone Stories (iUniverse, 2007) introduced the prehistoric societies of the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age to younger readers through a cycle of seven magical tales, illustrated by Christine Clerk and including the prize-winning story The Kindness of Strangers.

A twenty-year research project came to fruition with the publication of an edition of the (now destroyed) manuscript memoirs of James Allan (1670 - 1740), under the title Mr James Allan: the journey of a lifetime (Librario, Elgin, 2004). This academic work is the main source and inspiration for Broken Sword.

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