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Hunger Hill  -   Lisa Ammerman


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Hunger Hill
by Lisa Ammerman
US price: $15.95    UK price: £13.99
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 234
ISBN: 0-595-29881-8
Published: Oct-2003


Romantic tale of a transatlantic affair between an American and her British second cousin. Lots of thwarted passion and appetite for life as the hero and heroine cross their emotional and cultural barriers.   

Book Description
A moving tale of thwarted love between Lauren (an American) and Seth (her British second cousin), spanning a period of ten years. Fresh out of college, Lauren accompanies her grandmother on a trip to Lichfield, England in 1979, and struggles to resist her growing passion for the elusive, rebellious young Seth. If Lauren instinctively knows Seth loves her, then why does it all go wrong? No answers, only silence and despair... Their paths seem destined not to cross again. 

Hunger Hill is deliciously sharp and sensual: an absorbing tale guaranteed to satisfy even the most cynical appetite. A gripping feat of transatlantic passion and adventure.

About the author

Lisa Ammerman is an American (age 47, BA in English) who spent a number of years living in Nottingham, England.  While living there her short stories have appeared in My Weekly and People's Friend.  On the literary side, two stories have been published in Small Press Publications; others have been shortlisted in UK fiction competitions such as World Wide Writers.  She now resides in Florida with her husband. 

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$13.95          £11.64 

Diadem Books visits Florida.  Editor Charles Muller, of Diadem Books, visited Florida in early December 2003 where he was the guest of author Lisa Ammerman and her husband Terry Henderson