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Her Name is Hope   -  Nick Armbrister


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Her Name is Hope - Life Force
by Nick Armbrister

UK price: £9.98    US price: $18.08
Publisher: LULU
Format: Paperback:
Perfect binding , cream interior
Size : 6 x 9 (US trade)
Pages: 258
Published: October-2008




Book Description

This is Nick Armbrister’s third collection of poems and his fourth book. It has poems that didn’t make his first two collections due to a variety of reasons. He didn’t think some of his early poems were up to standard; these he edited and rewrote; some poetry was too personal in nature, like relationship ones. Also, poetry that repeated the same subject matter never made the first two books. In later years, after re-reading his poetry, Nick decided to bring all of his remaining unpublished work together in this new volume – poems written during the years 1996-2008. The work changes in depth, quality and subject matter and most of the poems have never been published before. Nick continues his passionate, multi-emotional and often left-of-centre work in these poems. Nick has always been drawn to the weird and wonderful. While his poems are often simple and brittle, they make a graphic and powerful impact that cuts like broken glass.

About the author

Nick has three books published by iUniverse of America. The first two are poetry collections, Fade into Focus, Focus into Fade, released in 2006, and Skeward Images, released in 2007. This was his early poetry. A short story collection followed titled A Nation in Flames, which comprised his stories on war, planes, Goth, horror and more. It was released in 2008. Also in this year Nick compiled a further third volume of poetry, which is the current volume Her Name is Hope – Life Force. This contains the rest of his poetry from 1996-2008 that never made his first two poetry collections.

Nick is working on a novel for 2009/10 release called Juniper’s Daughter, a war/mystical book.

As a child Nick wanted to join the Royal Air Force due to his love of aviation and planes but he was put off by the strict discipline. He tried to join a band but couldn’t sing or play any instrument so that put an end to that ambition. He loves music like gothic bands of the 1980s like The Mission, All About Eve, The Cult, The Sisters of Mercy and more. He also enjoys 80s pop like The Bangles and Berlin and some metal bands like Metallica, Guns ’n Roses. He got into gothic metal from Europe and Scandinavia in 2001 when a pen pal sent him a tape of The Gathering and Lacuna Coil. Nick has tattoos of these two bands and some other band names and other tattoos. All of this inspires his writing and feature in some of his poems. He has seen many gigs live and this inspires his poetry too. One day Nick would like to do a spoken word performance and also work with a singer/band on a song and to perform in front of a live audience.

Nick still works full time at a factory in Waltham Abbey, Essex, near where he lives, but he wants to give this up and write full time to support himself and his family. This is his long term goal.

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