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Trio Theo in the Grip of Terror  Polly Hinchliffe


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Trio Theo in the Grip of Terror
by Polly Hinchliffe

UK price: £10.99    US price: $12.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 150
ISBN: 0-595-28727-1
Published: Jul-2003

Living in the hills of North Wales, in a small, ancient village, tales and legends are part of life, and a legacy to children—to children everywhere. So after years of repeated requests to retell the ghost stories the author finally wove them into a tale of her own.

Book Description

It all begins as an innocent adventure, a challenge to explore the cellars of a row of terraced houses, when three intrepid children—known as the Trio Theo—enter a connecting trap door situated in the walls of the basement.

Fantasy and mischief turn into an experience of fear and terror as the three find themselves confronting the horrors of the past, through their efforts to release the ghost children, alone and trapped for eternity by the evil power of ‘the man in black!’ Their first encounter with the supernatural is when they emerge from the cellars to the caves and hovels under the street and discover the wartime ghost orphans, who warn the trio of the perils of the faraway land and its occupants.

The book is based on local myths, rumours and history from North Wales.

About the Author

Born in Yorkshire, Polly Hinchliffe studied art and design and trained to be a teacher. After having six children of her own she continued to immerse herself in the pleasure of the company of children by returning to teaching. She moved to North Wales with her family and fulfilled her dream—to teach at a village school—and there the story telling began…from local people.

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