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A Boy from the Valleys    by Raymond G Hicks


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A Boy from the Valleys
by Raymond G Hicks
UK Price £9.99 
$11.95 in US
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 148
ISBN: 0-595-17625-9
Publication Date: Apr-2001

Autobiographical tales of a young boy, growing up in the South Wales mining valley in the 1920's with adventure, tension and humour.

Autobiographical tales of a young boy, growing up in the South Wales mining valley in the 1920's.

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From The Pontypridd Observer on the occasion of the book's launch in August 2001:

Valley author's net sale in USA

A FORMER valley boy from Wattstown now has the story of his childhood for sale on the Internet.

Raymond Hicks, aged 76, now lives in Pontypridd, but is originally from Hillside Terrace, Wattstown, and attended Porth Grammar School.


Valley boy Raymond Hicks has put his child­hood story on the net. He decided to collect his memories into a book ap­propriately entitled A Boy From The Valley.   Mr Hicks got the idea to write his life story, growing up in the 1920's and 1930's, after his granddaughter Claire asked him to record their family history.

"She said she didn’t know much about the old days and the family’s life so l put it all together, and when it was finished, I thought, why not get it into print? It took me about six months to write, and I had no problem thinking of things to include. The problem was where to stop!”

The book contains many funny and touching memories from his child­hood about parents, family and friends. And it tells of some eccentric and amusing characters he remembers, including a horse that could tell the time!

Mr Hicks also spent 20 years underground in the mines, at Wattstown and Tylorstown where he collected many miners' stories.

Initially turned down by Welsh publishes, who told him there was no market for his memories, he finally stuck lucky with  Amazon.com.