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The Healing Tent   -   James Kaye


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The Healing Tent
by James Kaye
UK price: £7.89     US price: $11.50

Format: Paperback
Size : 20.2 x 12.6 x 2.2 cm
Pages: 296
ISBN: 978-0956239204
Published: June-2009 



Book Description

Have you ever really considered what is important in your life? In today’s non-stop world of fast food, technology and credit, where people have become trapped on the ever-turning hamster wheel of life, sometimes you just have to say, “Stop! I need to get off.”

Following the death of his wife and subsequent realisation that his young children do not see him as the loving, doting father he perceives himself to be, Meredith is forced to re-evaluate life’s priorities and values. Swapping the comforts and trappings of home in London, he takes the family for a two week break in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside to spend time together. Back to nature and under the protective canvas of the Healing Tent, with life’s complexities and modern day distractions removed, Meredith rediscovers what is truly important in his life.

Wounds are healed, though a chance encounter with a woman with her own deeply embedded problems, adds further turmoil and threatens the precariously balanced love within the family.

As the holiday comes to an end so Meredith must overcome traditional, conformist beliefs & expectations if he is to keep hold of the love that he has found.

About the author
Born in Swanage, Dorset in 1966, James Kaye travelled extensively and moved house more times than he cares to remember in his youth. Married in 1992, James has now settled down and lives happily with his wife and two children in South Wales. This is his second novel His first, A Shadow and a Sigh, was published in 2003

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