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The Rose & The Vine -  Lydia Harman


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by Lydia Harman
UK price: £15.88     US price: $22.30
Format: Paperback:
ISBN: 978-0-9559852-1-8
Publisher: Diadem Books
Edition: First Edition

This is the terrifying and nail-biting story of the de Quatreaux family and friends as they attempt to survive the violent political changes of the French Revolution—and the guillotine


Book Description

Bloody, socio-political change: by terror and slaughter, prefixed by a creeping, unease of the dying world of a privileged class and rule by Absolute Monarchy. This novel is absolutely thrilling, nail-biting and terrifying: an incredible and convincing resuscitation of one of the bloodiest, history changing uprising within Europe—the French Revolution.

The head of the family, Jean-Pierre, works hard to persuade the king to take action before the organizers of the revolt topple the throne. Prominent amongst these is Maximilien Robespierre, instigator of The Terror and guiding father of the Revolution. Lareaux, an old enemy from the past, seeking de Quatreaux' life, complicates matters, setting his revengeful sights on Jean-Pierre's daughter Angelique. Angelique, incensed by the injustices flowing around her, narrowly escapes mob riots, lynching and witchcraft accusations and suffers abduction by Lareaux. As Robespierre’s Terror increases, Angelique’s twin, Emile and his friend Raoul, lead a dangerous, secret life as counter-revolutionaries; assisting in the rescue and emigration of many innocent victims, including the failed royal family flight to Varennes.

About the author

Born in Western Australia, Lydia Harman graduated in General Nursing, then Midwifery. Discovery of the sixties/seventies hitchhiking trail took her through the Middle East, Southern Europe and the greater portion of Africa, working in many countries before settling for two years in South Africa and eight in Rhodesia. She is now retired, writing novels of the historical, fantasy and travel genres.

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