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Hardcore   -   Philip Moss


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A Novel
by Philip Moss   

Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 178
ISBN: 0-595-23943-9
Publication Date: Aug-2002

After the death of his girlfriend, Hardcore, a high ranked member of the Malino crime family, seeks vengeance on the people he blames for her demise, leading him down a violent and unexpected path.

Hardcore is a man who is cloaked in violence yet suffocating within its dark folds. His chance for hope is stolen from him when he discovers his lover, Rebecca, dead from what the police believe is a supposed overdose. They would though, wouldn't they? An ex-junkie mob bitch—who gives a damn? He does, so using the only method he knows he blindly sets out for answers, whatever the cost, no matter who he has to hurt along the way. The trouble is his answers only lead to more questions. Further complications arise in the form of Stella and the opportunity of redemption she offers, making him question if he is even capable of escaping the shackles of his life. As the story weaves towards its conclusion and the final pieces begin to fall into place, will he like the picture that it paints—or will it reveal the truth behind Rebecca, her death and the people who surround him to be far more sinister than he could have ever believed.  

Author Philip Moss

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