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Ten Years as a Ghost - Michael Raikhlin


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Ten Years as a Ghost
by Michael Raikhlin
UK price: £7.99    US price: $10.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 112
ISBN: 0-595-32926-8
Published: Sep-2004

The fascinating story of a man who loses his Russian identity to assume various fraudulent identities to further a life of crime—a survival strategy in a world besieged by fraud and con-men. The book, in effect, extols the value of truth and honesty.

Book Description
"I entered the city like my own ghost, floating, as if invisible, down the familiar streets. I did not own up to my relatives that I was back in town, making it easier for them to be honest while answering police inquires about me." Anyone who has enjoyed The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad will be fascinated by this gripping tale of a citizen of the new post-soviet Russia who loses his identity to take on many identities to survive in a complex life of crime, a life that enables him to adapt to many countries, including Israel, Cypress, the United States and Britain. The devious paths chosen by the protagonist through the moral morass of deceit, fraud, robbery and shady business deals will hold the reader spellbound. In essence the book demonstrates the value of a good name and a tangible, respectable identity in a world that has become an ethical quagmire.

About the author

Born in the Soviet Union , Leningrad , 1971, Michael Raikhlin graduated in Toxicology from St. Petersburg Medical Academy . He tackled drug-addiction related problems in various countries and as a result has communicated with people from a wide diversity of backgrounds. He is now settled in London and, apart from his private medical practice in the Harley street area, his close study of the English language has resulted in small pieces of literature.

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